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I am a Seattle based VFX artist for hire. Born in Buffalo, I attended Finger Lakes Community College where I got my Associate's Degree in game design where I made my first game. This degree was mainly about code structure and game design, and it was my first experience working in any coding langue. 

Shortly after I moved across the country to pursue my dream school, DigiPen where I am getting my Bachelor's in Fine Arts in Digital Arts and Animation. I have worked studying traditional arts and found that I have an eye for cinema. While at DigiPen I worked on 3 film teams and 1 game team, giving me a through understanding of both the film and game pipelines. 

My main strength is my ability to solve problems that arise from working with new programs. Finding creative solutions to complicated problems, then explaining my thought process through code commenting and diagrams. 

Please let me know if there's anything I can be of assistance for. 

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